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Online Grammar Test : Words and Prepositions

In the pursuance of : in the process of performing

1. He was wounded in the pursuance of his patrol duty.

2. Pursuant to our discussion, I am herewith enclosing a draft for Rs.5000 in full settlement of our account.

3. I am qualified for the post of Judge.

4. The lawyer is disqualified from practice for malpractice.

Result from - [verb]

1. To happen as an effect or result
2. Be the consequence of

1. His illness resulted from eating poisonous food.
2. His illness was caused by eating poisonous food.
3. The accident resulted from his carelessness.
4. His carelessness resulted in an accident.
5. The accident was the result of his carelessness.
6. As a result of heavy loss, he had to close down his business.
7. Nothing substantial resulted from the Minister’s conference.
8. I have very great respect for Adolf Hitler.
9. I am always respectful to my superiors without being servile.

Seize : (verb)

To take possession of
To take hold of eagerly

Seize with - [of feelings or thoughts] = To attack or to take control of (someone's body or mind)

Seize on = Seize upon : [verb phrase] = Of part of a machine to become stuck and fail to move or work

1. He was seized with sudden chest pain.

2. He was seized with a desire for revenge.

3. My wife had always wanted to go to Singapore so she seized on the offer of a free trip.

4. The storm was so heavy that the city's whole transport system seized up.

5. She seized upon the opportunity to attack her enemy.

6. The seizure of the office furniture of the collectorate was ordered by the judge for the payment due to a company.

Sensible of :

1. Reasonable
2. Having or showing good sense
3. Knowing
4. Recognizing
5. Conscious

1. He was sensible of the trouble he had caused.
2. A wife is always sensible of her husband's feelings.
3. But some husbands are insensible to wife's feelings.

Insensible : [adjective] = unconscious

Insensible of :

1. lacking knowledge
2. unaware

Insensible to = Unable to have feelings especially to feel pain

1. Some people are insensible to human sufferings.
2. My paralysed leg is insensible to feeling.

Subsequent - (adjective) = coming after or following something else

Subsequent to - (adjective)

1. The events I am speaking of were subsequent to the war.
2. The events I am speaking of were after the war.
3. Subsequent to the affair, there was some trouble in the family.

Consequent : (adjective)

Consequent to = Consequent on = Following as a result

1. Severe flooding was consequent on the heavy rains.
2. I have no trust in God.
3. I have more faith in human capacity.
4. His distrust of his own family members made him unhappy.
5. For want of something better to do, we went to the park.
6. The company suffers for want of technicians.

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