Pagri of Mulla

Pagri of Mulla :

All time of the year, there were jealous courtier present in King Akbar’s royal court. They were always making plans to demean Birbal. Sardar Mulla do Pyaja was a courtier who had won King Akbar’s favours. He used to be very frank with the King.

One morning Birbal arrived in the court.

King Akbar saw him and said, “Birbal, I like the manner you tie your pagri. It is tidy and tightly wound. It suits you well.”

Birbal thanked the King for this. Hearing this, Mulla grew very jealous.

He said, "What’s so great about tying a pagri? I can tie a better pagri than Birbal.”

“All right," the King said. “Tomorrow I’ll see how you tie a better pagri than Birbal.”

The next day all the courtiers were surprised. The pagri that the Mulla had tied on his head was looking very good indeed. It was well-wound and tidy. Mulla was truly looking smart in it. When King Akbar arrived in the court he, too, appreciated the pagri.

He said, “Mulla, I agree that your pagri is much better than Birbal's. It is very tidy indeed.”

But Birbal intervened and said, “Please wait, Your Majesty. I believe that the Mulla’s pagri is better tied than mine but if the Mulla tied it himself, he must untie it in the court and then tie it again to show us how he did it.”

Mulla untied his pagri and started winding it round his head. He tried his best to tie the pagri again but he could not tie it the way it was before. Seeing this, the courtiers wondered what was wrong.

King Akbar and Birbal were watching all this. Birbal said, “Your Majesty, Mulla cannot tie a better pagri than mine. Actually it was his wife who had tied his pagri today. That’s why it was so neat. So that is his wife who has won the challenge and not him.”

To this King Akbar laughed out loudly.

“Mulla, it is funny indeed. The problems you cannot solve. Your wife does it for you."

Mulla felt ashamed to hear such a comment. He vowed never to challenge Birbal in any sphere ever again.

NOTE : This is another story in this collection to show the sharpness and depth of the intelligence of Birbal. This is one of the favorable stories liked by many of our readers who visit this page regularly. If you have any such story, let us have it.

Pagri of Mulla

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