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Paragraph Writing :

A paragraph is a number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic or a group of related sentences that develop a single point. A paragraph like a sentence should possess unity, coherence and balance.

1) Unity is the first and most important principle to be observed in constructing a paragraph. The sentences should deal with only one main topic or theme. This is what is meant by the unity.

2) Order : This is the second principle of paragraph construction. It means the logical sequence of thought or development of the subject.

3) Variety is the third principle. You have to avoid monotony. The Paragraph of a composition should be of different lengths. Avoid the same type of sentence construction.

Now there is one important point for you to note down. Write an essay and write a paragraph will be there in your question paper.

An essay contains several paragraphs. Number of paragraphs depends upon the subject of the essay. But a paragraph is a short one. Your paragraph contains only one theme or point. For example you arc asked to write a paragraph on Elephant: You have to deal with one or two things. You can write pages after pages about an elephant by dealing with its life in the forest, food, herd life, its fight and its service to man. So a paragraph should be written in a short form.

Example : The Cow

The Cow is a sacred domestic animal of India. It is worshiped by all the people. It is a very useful animal. Cow is very meek and gentle. It lives mainly on grass. Cow’s milk is an important part of our food especially for children. So the cow is considered as the second mother. It deserves our gratitude and kind treatment. But it is quite contradictory condition in India.

Write short paragraphs on the following subjects.

1) A picnic
2) Honesty
3) Cricket
4) Gratitude
5) Your hobby
6) Trees
7) Revenge
8) Newspaper

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Paragraph Writing

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