Participial Prepositions

Participial Prepositions :

The whole verbal phrase functions as a single verb.

Usually, there is no single verb that is equivalent to the phrase, but sometimes, there is a single verb that has nearly the same meaning.

Examples :

1. To be afraid of - to fear
2. To be aware of - to know
3. To be blind of - to ignore
4. To be worthy of - to deserve
5. To be content with - to like
6. To be delighted with - to love
7. To be familiar with - to know
8. To be eager for - to desire
9. To be fond of - to love
10. To be suitable for - to suit

Concerning the fire in the Vigyan Bhavan, there are many rumours in the bazaar.
CONCERNING is present participle
CONCERNING THE FIRE present participle phrase.
So, CONCERNING functions as a preposition also.
Hence CONCERNING is called Participial Preposition.

Respecting the programme you have given, I want time to consider the same.
Respecting - Participial Preposition
Respecting means….
1. on the subject of
2. in connection with
3. concerning

Regarding your inquiries, we say that there is no stock.
Regarding - Participial Preposition
Regarding means…
1. on the subject of
2. in connection with
3. concerning

Call me some time during the holidays.
DURING - Participial Preposition
DURING means all through.
He died during the night.

Barring any last minute problems, we should finish the job by tonight.
Barring - if there are none
Barring - except for
Barring - Preposition
Barring - Participial Preposition

Considering the strength of the opposition, minority government is doing very well.
Considering - if one takes into account the rather surprising fact of
Considering - Participial Preposition
He did very well in his examinations, considering that he had studied so little.

The government is going ahead with the plan, notwithstanding widespread public criticism.
Notwithstanding - Participial Preposition
NOTWITHSTANDING means inspite of - (used after its object)
They went ahead, public criticism notwithstanding - (adverb)

Touching this problem, I haven't taken it up yet.
TOUCHING - Participial Preposition (old use)
TOUCHING means….
1. About
2. Concerning

Assuming that the competition will start in one hour, we all go out for a walk.
Assuming - Participial Preposition
ASSUMING means….
1. We heard so
2. With all possibility

Concerning, respecting, regarding, during, barring, notwithstanding, touching and assuming are treated as Participial Prepositions here.

Participial Prepositions

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