Participle Phrases

Participle Phrases :

Phrase :

A Phrase is a combination of group of related words which contribute to the overall structure of the sentence and the meaning of the sentence.

They visited the temple in the Big City – Tirupati.

The group of words in bold is called a phrase. The group of words has no separate meaning whereas that group of words adds value to the overall sentence and gives meaning to the sentence. This is the nature of a phrase and the limitation of a phrase. Since, a phrase plays a various functions in a sentence; there are nine types of phrases widely used in our sentences. The noun in this type of phrase is called the object of the preposition.

Participle Phrases :

This type of phrase consists of a present participle (verb + ing), a past participle and modifiers or other associate words. If the participle is present, it will end in ing. If the participle is past, it will end in ed. Gerund and phrases with present participle are easy to confuse because they both, Gerund and phrases with present participle, begin with an ing word. The gerund phrase will act as a noun while this type of phrase will act as an adjective. These types of phrases always function as adjectives, saying something about the noun. When you use this type of phrase, you have to use a participle either in past or in present form. Make sure you have the right form of the participle, if you’re using an irregular form of past participle!

1. The student witnessed an accident happened few minutes back.

2. I received a letter mentioning about my loan.

3. The pretending students fail in the exams.

4. Running across the mountains, this river becomes purified.

5. Going through the city, the bus takes more time to reach the bus-stop.

6. Broken by the boys, this window has to be repaired in time.

7. Excited by the plot, we are waiting for the conclusion.

8. Students planning for higher studies have to prepare for that.

9. Girls getting ready for marriage should improve their health.

10. The politicians thinking of winning the next election have to save money.

11. Raja interested in engineering early developed analytical and intellectual skills.

12. The water runs slowly in the drainage-pipe clogged with cooking-waste.

13. The girl, smiling and waving, said hello.

14. The photo, framed and hung, adds beauty to the wall.

15. Opening her bag, she found her lip-stick inside.


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Participle Phrases :

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