Participles followed by Prepositions

Participles followed by Prepositions : C

1. Capable of improvement
2. Careful of his money
3. Careful about his dress
4. Certain of success
5. Characterised by a thing
6. Characteristic of a person
7. Charged to his account
8. Charged with a bullet
9. Charged with a crime
10. Clear of blame
11. Close to a person or thing
12. Clothed in purple
13. Committed to a course of action
14. Common to several persons or things
15. Comparable to something else
16. Competent for certain work
17. Composed of a material
18. Concerned at some mishap
19. Concerned about some mishap
20. Concerned for a person's welfare
21. Concerned in some business
22. Condemned to death
23. Conducive to success
24. Confident of success
25. Congenial to one's tastes
26. Congratulated on his success
27. Conscious of a fault
28. Consistent with the facts
29. Conspicuous for honesty
30. Contemporary with a person or event
31. Contented with a little
32. Contrary to rule
33. Contrasted with something else
34. Conversant with persons or things
35. Convicted of a crime
36. Convinced of a fact
37. Correct in a statement
38. Coupled with something else
39. Covetous of other men's goods
40. Creditable to his judgment
41. Cured of a disease
42. Customary for a person

Participles, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Participles followed by Prepositions :

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