Participles followed by Prepositions

Participles followed by Prepositions : D

1. Deaf to entreaties
2. Defeated in battle
3. Defective in point of style
4. Deficient in energy
5. Delighted with success
6. Dependent on a person or thing
7. Deprived of some good thing
8. Deserving of praise
9. Designed for a purpose
10. Desirous of success
11. Despairing of success
12. Destined for the bar
13. Destitute of all compassions
14. Determined on doing a thing
15. Detrimental to health
16. Devoid of foundation
17. Different from something else
18. Diffident of success
19. Diligent in business
20. Disappointed of a thing not obtained
21. Disappointed in a thing obtained
22. Disappointed with a person or thing
23. Disgusted with a thing
24. Disgusted at or with a person
25. Dismayed at a result
26. Displeased with a person
27. Disqualified for a post
28. Disqualified from competing
29. Distinct from something else
30. Distracted with pain
31. Distrustful of a man's motives
32. Divested of office
33. Doubtful of success
34. Dubious of success
35. Due to some cause
36. Dull of understanding

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Participles followed by Prepositions :

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