Participles followed by Prepositions

Participles followed by Prepositions : P

1. Painful to one's feelings
2. Parallel to anything
3. Parallel with anything
4. Partial to the youngest son
5. Patient of suffering
6. Peculiar to a person or thing
7. Polite in manner
8. Polite to strangers
9. Poor in spirit
10. Popular with school-fellows
11. Popular for his pluck
12. Possessed of wealth
13. Possessed with a notion
14. Precious to a person
15. Pre-eminent above the rest
16. Pre-eminent in cleverness
17. Preferable to something else
18. Prejudicial to his interests
19. Preliminary to an inquiry
20. Prepared for the worst
21. Preventive of fever
22. Previous to some event
23. Productive of wealth
24. Proficient in mathematics
25. Profitable to an investor
26. Profuse with his money
27. Profuse in his offers
28. Prone to idleness
29. Proper for the occasion
30. Proper to the occasion
31. Proud of his position
32. Pursuant to an inquiry

Participles, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Participles followed by Prepositions :

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