Participles followed by Prepositions

Participles followed by Prepositions : S

1. Sacred to a man's memory
2. Sanguine of success
3. Satisfactory to a person
4. Satisfied with his income
5. Secure from harm
6. Secure against an attack
7. Sensible of kindness
8. Sensitive to blame
9. Serviceable to a person
10. Shocked at your behaviour
11. Shocking to everyone
12. Short of money
13. Silent about a subject
14. Silent on a subject
15. Similar to a person or thing
16. Skilful in doing a thing
17. Slow of speech
18. Slow in making up his mind
19. Slow at accounts
20. Solicitous for your safety
21. Sorry for someone
22. Sorry about an occurrence
23. Sparing of praise
24. Stained with crimes
25. Startled at a sight
26. Steeped in vice
27. Strange to a person
28. Strange in appearance
29. Subject to authority
30. Subordinate to a person
31. Subsequent to another event
32. Sufficient for a purpose
33. Suitable to or for the occasion
34. Suited to the occasion
35. Suited for a post
36. Sure of success
37. Suspicious of his intentions
38. Sympathetic with sufferers
39. Sympathetic to sufferers

Participles, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Participles followed by Prepositions :

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