Participles used as Adjectives

Participles used as Adjectives :

Participles are also used as adjectives.

A broken window - The window looks broken.

(broken - passive adjective)

But a window broken - here, "broken" behaves like a verb also - the act of breaking is very much evident

The deserted village - The village, deserted by the people, looks, dead

1. Any person, objecting, can do so now.
2. The success, obtained by him, is only a beginning in his life.
3. All students, expecting a prize, may come to the first row.
4. Most of the people, singing and dancing, are boys.
5. The men, taking part in the meeting, are mostly rich people.

Note : "deserted", and "obtained" - are past participles - used as adjectives

Objecting, expecting, singing and taking are present participles used as adjective.

These adjectives are placed after the nouns. But these can be placed before the nouns also.

1. He is a dedicated doctor.
2. He is a person, dedicated to his job.

Here is a band of young men, dedicated to overthrow this corrupt government.

Words ending with -ible or -able may be used predicatively also.

1. It is a responsible position.
2. He is responsible.
3. Are you available tomorrow for the function?
4. This is the available space.
5. Are there tickets available?

Study the following.

1. He is clever at games.
2. He is a clever boy.
3. I like a different life.
4. My life is different.
5. He comes second.
6. It is the second train.
7. Let us go somewhere quiet.
8. Have you seen anything interesting?
9. It is an interesting story.

Read the following sentences and note how adjectives are used.

1. Have you seen the heir apparent for the throne?
2. These things happen from time immemorial.
3. The body, politic, has become not decent.
4. I always place all my problems before God Almighty.
5. Indira Gandhi was a leader fertile in resources.
6. The warrior, fearless and resolute, at once advanced.
7. I feel a great genius, original, sagacious and inventive.
8. My children dear, I am coming now.
9. Dear pretty girl, where are you going with your rosy cheeks and golden hair?
10. The advanced technology is not available in this country.
11. The illiterate people are supposed to vote in this election.

Participles used as Adjectives

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