Parts of A Letter

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Parts of A Letter :

A letter has six parts. They are….

i) The Heading
ii) Place and Date
iii) Salutation
iv) The body of the letter or Subject matter
v) Complimentary close
vi) Signature

Heading does not mean that you have to write the main point of the letter like copy book at the heading of the letter. You have to write the name and address. Now everyone has got his own letter head printed.

Place and date should be written on the right hand top corner of the page. The name of the place should be written first and then the date. You need not write in the words - place and date. The date should be written like this - 5th April - 2004 or April 4 - 2004. Note that the date and the year should be in letters while the year in figure.


Salutation is a very important part of a letter. It depends upon the relation in which you stand to a person when you are writing the letter.

a) members of your family

Father - Dear or My Dear Father
Mother – Dear - My Dear Mother
Uncle – Dear - My Dear Uncle
Aunt – Dear - My Dear Aunt
Grand-Father - Dear - My Dear Grand-Father
Grand-Mother – Dear - My Dear Grand-Mother

While a father writes to his son like…

Dear Son or My dear Ravi,

To all others sisters, brothers, cousins, nephews etc. the salutations should be My dear or Dear followed by the word denoting the nature of the relationship or the name of the person addressed.

b) Friends

Dear Mohan,
Dear Latha,

You should not write the initials in salutation. It is a clumsy way.

Ex : My Dear Mr. H.S. Raghu, (Avoid this type)

c) Business Letters

The Common form of address is 'Sir’. The use of Dear Sir, implies equality or rank between the writer and the addressee when writing to a business firm having more than one individual write Gentlemen, avoid saying….Dear Sirs. It is clumsy. In the same way when you refer a female person write Dear Madam the plural form is Dear Ladies. Don’t add ‘s’ to madam.

d) Official letters always begin with….

Sir : For Lady officer Dear Madam

The body of the letter or subject matter of the letter is very important part in which the skill, style and structure of the language can be known. There is one fundamental difference between a private letter and business or official letter. In private letter, there is no limit of its length, whereas a business and official letters must be short, simple and direct. The writer is not expected to exhibit his language ability. It is because in business time is gold. The businessmen do not want to lose his time.

The Complimentary close

For relatives and friends,

Yours affectionately,

No apostrophe (‘) behind 'S’

You can also write.

Your affectionate son,
Your affectionate daughter,

The complimentary close of a business or official letter usually is….

Yours faithfully,

For strangers : Yours truly.

Signature : After the complementary dose, the writer should put his Signature. A letter without the Signature or the writer is useless. It is fit for waste paper basket.

The complimentary close of letters written to the teachers, Head Masters or the Principal is….

Your obediently,

There are some phrases which can be used while writing a letter. The phrase should be used properly according to the nature of you letter.

1) May I request you….?
2) I wish to thank you….
3) I am grieved to learn….
4) I was thrilled to hear….
5) Heartiest congratulations on…..
6) This is just to inform you....
7) I am very glad to receive your letter
8) I felt extremely happy…..
9) Thank you very much for your compliments.

For Commercial or business letters….

1) I regret to inform you that ….
2) We are sorry to learn....
3) I shall be obliged if you....
4) Kindly / please refer to my letter of 8th April 2004.
5) In / with- regard to your letter dated…..
6) I am directed to say….
7) I herewith submit my application ….

While writing applications :

1) With reference to your advertisement…..
2) With profound respect I submit....
3) An executive has told me that you need....
4) Being given to understand that you require some software engineers in your company....
5) In response to your advertisement

While closing a letter :

1) With all best wishes….
2) With kind regards….
3) With due apologies….
4) Thank you for an early response replay….
5) Requesting your kind attention to this matter…...
6) Awaiting for your favorable reply….
7) With warm regards….
8) Hoping for an early reply…..
9) Thanking you and assuring you of our services…..

Parts of A Letter

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