Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech :

Sentences are framed of words performs a variety of functions of words. According to their functions they are classified into eight parts known as Parts of Speech. They are…

1. Noun
2. Adjective
3. Pronoun
4. Verb
5. Adverb
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection

Noun :

A word used to name a person, place, thing, an idea or quality of mind is defined as a noun.

Example :

1. Mother Teresa was a social worker.
2. I enjoy Watching Cricket.
3. India is a Sub-Continent.
4. Knowledge brings wisdom.
5. Democracy is a form of Government.
6. Dictionary is useful for students.
7. Love and hatred are common to all human beings.

The underlined words in the above sentences are nouns.

Adjective :

A word used to describe a noun is known as an Adjective.

Example :

1. Telugu is a regional language.
2. Bobby is a beautiful girl.
3. I read a detective novel.
4. Dog is a faithful animal.

The underlined words are examples of adjectives.

Pronoun :

A word is used instead of a noun is known as a Pronoun.

Example :

1. Harini is my friend. She is very Kind.
2. I visited Delhi. It is the capital of India.
3. Anand is my brother. He is very intelligent.

The underlined words are pronouns.

Verb :

A word used to express an action, a condition, an existence or possession is known as a verb.

Example :

1. I waited for Ram.
2. She is healthy.
3. There are flowers in the garden.
4. You have a car.

The word ‘waited’ tells us what ‘I’ did, ’is’ express a condition, ’are’ express an existence and ‘have’ expresses possession.

Adverb :

A word used to modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb is an adverb. It also explains how, where, when and why an action is performed.

Example :

1. She writes neatly.
2. He is very cunning.
3. She speaks English quite well.

The word ‘neatly’ modifies the verb ‘writes’, ‘very’ modifies the adjective ‘cunning’, ‘quite’ modifies the adverb ‘well’.

Preposition :

A word used to explain the relation between two grammatical units or a word used with a noun or a pronoun to show their relation with some other word in the sentence is known as a preposition.

Example :

1. Children are fond of toys.
2. They boasted about their success.
3. She is angry with me.
4. I deposited my money in the bank.

The underlined words are prepositions. The word ’of’ shows the relation between the adjective ‘fond’ and the noun ‘toys.’

The relation between the verb ’boasted’ and the noun ‘success’ is shown by the word ‘about’.

The word ‘with’ shows the relation between the adjective ‘angry’ and the pronoun ‘me’.

The word ‘in’ shows the relation between the noun ‘money’ and another noun ‘bank’.

Conjunction :

A word used to combine two words or sentences is known as a conjunction.

Example :

1. My friends came from Chennai and Mumbai.
2. I shall drink tea or coffee.
3. She worked hard but did not succeed.

The word ‘and’ joins the two words ‘Chennai’ and ‘Mumbai’. The word ‘or’ joins the two words ‘tea’ and ‘coffee’. The word ‘but’ joins the two sentences ‘she worked hard’ and she did not succeed.

Interjection :

A word which expresses some sudden feeling is known as an injection.

Example :

1. Alas! Superb! Hurrah! Ah! Oh! Bravo!

Parts of Speech

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