Passive Voice into Active Voice

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Passive Voice into Active Voice :

Put the following into the active voice.

1. Mohan is liked by everyone.

2. Good news is expected.

3. The driver was being beaten.

4. He was taken to hospital.

5. The telegram has been sent.

6. The bill will be paid by Suresh.

7. Was the door locked?

8. I was asked many questions.

9. The matter will have to be dealt with urgently.

10. I was struck on the head by a stone.

11. The steam-engine was invented by Watt.

12. The boys will be fined (by the teacher).

13. He was saved by his dog.

14. My pen has been stolen.

15. Milk is used for making butter.

16. This work will be taken up next week.

17. Promises should be kept.

18. The work must be finished by five o’clock.

19. What were you paid for doing the job?

20. It is expected that India will win the match.

Passive Voice into Active Voice

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