Past Tenses of Irregular Verbs

Past Tenses of Irregular Verbs :

There are no rules for the formation of the Past Tense of irregular verbs.

  1. Issues like that arise all the time.
    Yesterday another one arose.

  2. Did you tear your new stockings?
    Yes. I tore them on a nail.

  3. She always loses her money at gambling.
    Yesterday she lost a month’s salary.

  4. Did you buy the tickets?
    I bought two on the Internet.

  5. How far can you throw a football?
    I once threw one fifty yards.

  6. The boss strides about authoritatively.
    She just strode off to her next meeting.

  7. I can’t sing anymore today.
    I sang for three hours last night.

  8. Did you grind the coffee beans?
    Yes, dear. I ground them this morning.

  9. Be careful they do not creep up on us like they crept up yesterday.

  10. Can you ever outwear a good pair of jeans?
    I definitely outwore this pair.

  11. Be careful the watch doesn’t sink.
    Oh. It already sank.

  12. I would like to fly a plane.
    I never flew one.

  13. No one intentionally overeats.
    But I certainly overate at their wedding reception.

  14. All the children must leave before it gets dark.
    Sally already left.

  15. We need someone to sing the national anthem.
    Who sang it at the last game?

  16. The compost pile should not stink.
    Well, it certainly stank this morning.

  17. Why is the baby constantly falling?
    He fell on his face just a minute ago.

  18. The sun shines brightly in the summer.
    Yesterday it shone all day long.

  19. Who can send her a reminder?
    I sent one last week.

  20. Who stands guard this evening?
    I stood my post last night.

  21. I do not understand this problem.
    I understood all the problems yesterday.

  22. Can you undo the damage?
    We already undid it.

  23. We would like to underwrite your costs.
    We underwrote your project the last time.

  24. The court can uphold that decision.
    That judge upheld our last appeal.

  25. We can withhold payment if the goods are hot delivered.
    We withheld it once in the past month.

Past Tenses of Irregular Verbs

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