Peculiar Singulars and Plurals

Peculiar Singulars and Plurals :

Some nouns originally singular are now generally used in the plural.

Alms, riches, eaves

The following plural forms of nouns are commonly used in singular.

News, Innings, Politics, Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics

MEANS is used either in singular or plural, but when it has the meaning of ‘wealth’ it is always plural.

1. I have succeeded by this means (or by these means) in accomplishing the task.

2. My means are meagre but I have incurred no debt.

Certain Collective Nouns though Singular in form, are always used in plural.

Century, People, vermin, Cattle, Poultry

‘People’ as a Common Noun means a ‘nation’ and is used in both singular and plural.

There are many different peoples in India.

Koreans are a Hard-working people.

A Compound Noun generally forms its plural by adding –s to the principal word.

Singular……. Plural

1. Commander-in-chief……. Commanders-in-chief

2. Coat-of-mail……. Coats-of-mail

3. Son-in-law……. Sons-in-law

4. Step-son……. Step-sons

5. Step-daughter……. Step-daughters

6. Maid-servant……. Maid-servants

7. Passer-by……. Passers-by

8. Looker-on……. Lookers-on

9. Man-or-war……. Men-or-war

Peculiar Singulars and Plurals

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