Perfect Sentences

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Perfect Sentences :

Correct the following sentences.

1. You are joking. Isn't it?
2. When you will return the book?
3. I am fourteen years.
4. The book is too interesting.
5. I am staying on upstairs.
6. The two first pages are lost.
7. There are eight females in the hall.
8. It is nearly ten years ago since I bought this book.
9. I asked the boy why was he crying.
10. Have you replied his letter?
11. I and Mohan are going to the park.
12. The police prevented us to sec the Prime Minister.
13. He asked that why I was late.
14. Where you bought the watch?
15. My clothes aren’t so good as Ashok.
16. She is my cousin sister.
17. She is running fifteen.
18. I pray God every day.
19. She is your aunt. Isn’t it?
20. Though I told him to stay in bed, but he got up.
21. I don’t wish him because I have no respect for him.
22. Why you are standing there?
23. Supposing if he misses the train, will he cancel his trip?
24. The church is very far from my house.
25. The population of Mumbai is greater than Chennai.
26. Let us walk till the park.
27. I have not written with ink.
28. He kept his illness in secret from his wife.
29. Mary is elder than Padma.
30. The reason why we camped there was because it was too dark to go on.

Perfect Sentences

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