Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns :

Pronouns can be of five types.

Personal Pronouns : I, you, he, she, it, we and they (as the subject of the sentence)

For example :

1. I like to eat oranges.
2. You are a very good teacher.
3. He is the monitor of the class.

Personal pronouns can be further divided into three types.

First person pronouns : I. me, my, mine, we, us & our.

For example :

I am in the garden.

Second person pronouns : you, your & yours

For example :

You are listening to the radio.

Third person pronouns : he, him, his, she, her, hers, it, its, they, them, their and theirs.

For example :

He works in an advertising agency.

Personal pronouns change their form in the predicate of the sentence.

I - me
You - you
He - him
She – her
We – us

For example :

1. The teacher told me to sit on the last bench.
2. Pranav gave us his study table.
3. Father told them to go home at once.
4. Does she know that I am absent?
5. Please tell him that I have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
6. I remember that they bought the fruits from us.
7. Please don’t tell her about me.
8. He can swim because it has webbed feet.
9. I met Anupama yesterday. She invited me to her house.
10. Mary has a car. She likes to play with it.
11. When the dog chased Rohan, he ran as fast as he could.
12. Mohan works in a factory place. He says that it is a noisy place.
13. The teacher said to the students, “when you finish your work, please pass it to me.’

Personal Pronouns

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