Personal Pronouns

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Personal Pronouns :

These pronouns are subdivided into first, second and third persons. The first person refers to the speaker or speakers (e.g. I, we). The second person refers to the person or persons spoken to (e.g. you). The third person refers to the person or thing (people or things) spoken about (e.g. he, she, him, they).

Here is the complete list of personal pronouns.

1st Person – Singular – Subject – I
1st Person – Singular – Object – ME
1st Person – Plural – Subject – WE
1st Person – Plural – Object – US

2nd Person – Singular – Subject – YOU
2nd Person – Singular – Object – YOU
2nd Person – Plural – Subject – YOU
2nd Person – Plural – Object – YOU

3rd Person – Singular – Subject – HE, SHE & IT
3rd Person – Singular – Object – HIM, HER & IT
3rd Person – Plural – Subject – THEY
3rd Person – Plural – Object – THEM

The subject forms are said to be in the NOMINATIVE CASE and the object forms are said to be in the OBJECTIVE CASE or ACCUSATIVE CASE. By CASE, we mean the form of a word showing its relationship with other words in a sentence.

1. I saw him.
2. He told them he had met her.

Personal Pronouns

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