Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order : Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs : C

  1. Call back : ask to return
    The workers were called back to the job as the strike vote was being counted.

  2. Call for : arrive to meet
    The young gentlemen called for his new found friend.

  3. Call for : requires
    That calls for a celebration.

  4. Call forth : evoke
    Their attack called forth an immediate response.

  5. Call in : summon
    A heart specialist was called in to review the diagnosis.

  6. Call in : use the telephone to communicate
    Has the salesman called in yet?

  7. Call off : cancel
    The ball game was called off on account of rain.

  8. Call up : summon to military duty
    The reserves were called up during the Gulf War.

  9. Call upon : require
    I call upon you to take up your arms in the defense of liberty.

  10. Call upon : visit
    When can I call upon you to discuss this matter?

  11. Care for : provide for
    I cared for the children while their Mom was away.

  12. Carry away : excite
    She was carried away by the sound of his voice.

  13. Carry off : cause the death of
    The entire population of the village was carried off by a new strain of the virus.

  14. Carry on : continue
    The officer was pleased with the inspection and told his men to carry on with their duties.

  15. Carry out : put into practice
    They carried out his orders without hesitation.

  16. Carry through : persevere to a goal or conclusion
    He rarely carries through on his promises.

  17. Cast about : search for
    He kept casting about for the answers.

  18. Cast around : search about for something
    She was casting around for a friend.

  19. Cast off : throw away
    She loves to cast off last year's fashions.

  20. Cast off : launch a boat
    They cast off for the next destination.

  21. Cast out : expel
    An exorcist casts out devils.

  22. Catch on : become popular
    It didn't take long for colored hair to catch on with the younger generation.

  23. Catch up : overtake from behind
    How do you ever expect me to catch up if you walk so fast?

  24. Change off : alternate performing tasks
    We can change off in an hour or so if you get tired.

  25. Close down : discontinue, go out of business
    The clothing store closed down after the Christmas season.

  26. Close in : advance, surround
    The enemy used the darkness of night to close in on our positions.

  27. Close up : block up or shut down
    They closed up the entrance to the cave.

  28. Close out : dispose, terminate
    We must close out this particular product at the end of the month.

  29. Come about : happen
    It just came about.

  30. Come across : find, meet
    I was lucky to come across just the perfect gift.

  31. Come along : go with someone else
    You may come along if you wish.

  32. Come around : regain consciousness
    The boxer finally came around in the dressing room.

  33. Come round : regain consciousness
    The boxer finally came around in the dressing room.

  34. Come at : approach
    You can come at that problem from a number of angles.

  35. Come back : regain past state
    He came back quickly after the knee operation.

  36. Come by : acquire
    How did you come by this money?

  37. Come down : lose position, money and standing
    He has certainly come down in the opinion polls.

  38. Come in : arrive
    The new spring fashions have just come in.

  39. Come into : acquire or inherit
    My brother recently came into a small fortune.

  40. Come off : happen, occur
    The concert came off without any problems.

  41. Come on : show an interest in
    He came on to her all evening at the party.

  42. Come out : make known
    They finally came out with the official statement.

  43. Come through : deliver on a promise
    I am so happy he finally came through with his contribution.

  44. Come to : regain consciousness
    He came to an hour after the operation.

  45. Come over : drop by for a visit
    Why don't you come over this evening?

  46. Come to pass : happen
    And so it came to pass that they parted as friends.

  47. Come up : appear
    Everything is coming up on the screen as we expected.

  48. Come upon : discover
    I come upon the evidence quite by accident.

  49. Cover up : conceal after the fact
    They tried to cover up their wrongdoing.

  50. Cry down : belittle someone
    The speaker was cried down by the unruly audience.

  51. Cry out : exclaim
    The wounded soldier cried out in pain.

  52. Cut back : reduce
    We are cutting back production as of next Monday.

  53. Cut down : kill
    He was cut down by a stray bullet on the street last evening.

  54. Cut down : reduce
    You should cut down on the amount of fat in your diet.

  55. Cut in : break into a line
    It is rude to cut in, when we have been standing here over an hour.

  56. Cut off : stop
    I am afraid that I must cut off this discussion right now.

  57. Cut off : separate
    They were cut off from the exit by the progress of the fire.

  58. Cut out : form or shape by cutting
    Little children love to cut out paper dolls.

  59. Cut out : exclude
    Let’s cut her out of the final decision.

  60. Cut out : suited for
    He is not cut out to be a doctor.

  61. Cut short : interrupt
    Our trip was cut short by my wife's accident.

  62. Cut up : clown about
    The little boy loves to cut up when the teacher turns his back.

  63. Cut up : destroy completely
    The division was cut up by the air attack.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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