Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order :

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Phrasal Verbs : F

  1. Face down : confront and overcome
    He faced down his opponent in the first match.

  2. Face off : start or resume play in hockey, lacrosse and other games
    They faced off in their opponents' zone.

  3. Face off : take sides against one another
    The two warring factions had faced off at the first meeting.

  4. Face up : deal with an issue
    It’s time for you to face up to your obligations.

  5. Fall apart : break down
    After his wife’s death he completely fell apart.

  6. Fall back : lag behind
    The others fell back after the first mile of the hike.

  7. Fall back on : rely on
    What can l fall hack on if this doesn’t work?

  8. Fall behind : fail to pay on time
    When he lost his job, they fell behind in their mortgage payments.

  9. Fall down : fail to meet expectations
    Unfortunately the new boss fell down on the job.

  10. Fall for : succumb to, fall in love
    He fell for her at first glance.

  11. Fall for : be deceived
    He fell for the con artist’s scam.

  12. Fall in : take a place
    All of the principal investors fell in after the initial presentation.

  13. Fall off : decrease
    The interest in foreign languages has been gradually falling off.

  14. Fall on : attack
    Those waiting in ambush fell on the unsuspecting soldiers.

  15. Fall out : leave military formation
    The sergeant roared, "Company, fall out!"

  16. Fall through : fail
    The deal fell through at the last moment.

  17. Fall to : approach energetically
    The new maid fell to the cleaning.

  18. Fall short : fail to obtain
    His efforts to earn a million dollars fell short.

  19. Feel like : wish or want to
    I feel like taking a walk.

  20. Feel out : try to find out something indirectly
    Could you feel out the opposition before we meet next week?

  21. Feel up to : be prepared for
    I don't really feel up to a five mile run.

  22. Fight back : suppress one’s feeling
    He fought back tears at the announcement.

  23. Fight off : repel an attack
    They fought off the attackers until their ammunition ran out.

  24. Figure in : include
    Be sure to figure in the extra expenses.

  25. Figure on : depend upon someone
    I never thought we could figure on their support.

  26. Figure on : consider
    Figure on at least a one-hour delay in your flight.

  27. Figure out : resolve
    Now how are we going to figure that out?

  28. Fill in : provide with new information
    Could you fill me in on the latest news?

  29. Fill in : substitute for
    He filled in for her when she was on vacation.

  30. Fill out : complete a form or application
    Be sure to fill out both sides of the form.

  31. Find out : learn or discover
    Let’s see what we can find out about tigers.

  32. Finish off : end or complete
    Let’s finish off for the evening.

  33. Finish off : destroy or kill
    He finished them off with a hunting knife.

  34. Finish up : conclude, bring to an end
    He finished up at midnight.

  35. Fit in : be compatible
    He doesn't fit in with that crowd.

  36. Fly at : attack someone
    He flew at him in a rage.

  37. Follow along : move in unison with
    The others just followed along with the song.

  38. Follow through : pursue something to completion
    We simply have to follow through on our commitments.

  39. Follow through : complete the motion of a baseball, golf or tennis swing
    When you hit the ball, be sure to follow through.

  40. Follow out : comply with
    They followed out his instructions precisely.

  41. Follow up : check the progress
    Did you ever follow up on those sales leads?

  42. Freeze out : exclude
    They froze him out of the negotiations.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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