Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order :

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Phrasal Verbs : G

  1. Get about : walk again
    It was a week before he could get about.

  2. Get across : make something comprehensible
    I keep trying to get the same point across to you.

  3. Get after : encourage, follow up
    It’s time to get after those kids again.

  4. Get along : co-exist
    Can’t you find a way to get along with one another?

  5. Get around : avoid
    There is no way we can get around this situation.

  6. Get at : reach successfully
    Put the cookies where the children can't get at them.

  7. Get at : suggest
    What are you trying to get at with that question?

  8. Get back : receive
    Did you ever get your money back?

  9. Get back at : exact revenge
    He tried unsuccessfully to get back at his enemies.

  10. Get by : go past
    Excuse me. Can I get by here?

  11. Get by : barely succeed
    He did just enough homework to get by.

  12. Get down : descend
    Please get down from the table.

  13. Get down : devote your attention
    Let's get down to work.

  14. Get down : discourage
    Don't let her criticism get you down.

  15. Get in : enter
    We were lucky to get in before they closed the doors.

  16. Get in : succeed in accomplishing
    They got the game in before the rain.

  17. Get into : become involved
    I really can get into this assignment.

  18. Get off : depart
    Did he ever get off last evening?

  19. Get off : fire a shot
    Try to get off a shot if he appears.

  20. Get off : send a message
    He got off a quick note before he left the office.

  21. Get off : escape punishment
    He got off with only two years.

  22. Get off : finish the work day
    When do you get off?

  23. Get on : continue on good terms
    They seem to be getting on well together.

  24. Get on : make progress
    Let’s get on with it. Time is money.

  25. Get out : escape
    How did the bird get out of its cage?

  26. Get out : publish a newspaper
    They got the paper out last evening.

  27. Get over : prevail
    How will they ever get over the loss of their home?

  28. Get over : recover from difficult experience
    He never got over the death of his son.

  29. Get through : make contact
    I tried calling. But I couldn’t get through.

  30. Get to : make contact with
    How can we get to the head of the corporation?

  31. Get to : affect
    The strain of the job finally got to him.

  32. Get together : gather
    We should all get together on Friday morning.

  33. Get up : arise from bed
    It’s six o’clock and time to get up.

  34. Get up : initiate
    He got up a petition against the property tax.

  35. Give away : present at a wedding
    The father gave his daughter away with a tear in his eye.

  36. Give away : reveal accidentally
    He gave away the secret in the press conference.

  37. Give back : return
    Don’t forget to give me the book back.

  38. Give in : surrender
    Don't give in—regardless of the pressure.

  39. Give of : devote
    He gave generously of himself in the cause of peace.

  40. Give off : emit
    The lawn mower was giving off strange smelts.

  41. Give out : distribute
    The company representative was giving out free samples.

  42. Give out : stop functioning
    His heart gave out last night.

  43. Give over : place in another s care
    He gave over his assets to his attorney for safekeeping.

  44. Give over : devote oneself
    He gave himself over to helping humanity.

  45. Give over : surrender oneself
    He gave himself over to her with his heart and soul.

  46. Give up : surrender, desist, lose hope
    Don't give up. Try again.

  47. Go about : continue
    He should go about his business.

  48. Go along : agree
    They will go along with whatever we suggest.

  49. Go at : attack
    He went at his opponent determined to prevail.

  50. Go at : approach
    How many ways can we go at this problem.

  51. Go by : elapse
    As time goes by we grow wiser.

  52. Go by : pay a short visit
    They went by the new neighbors' house to say hello.

  53. Go down : set
    The sun goes down very early in winter.

  54. Go down : fall to ground
    The boxer went down after being hit on the chin.

  55. Go down : lose
    They went down to defeat.

  56. Go down : be recorded
    This will go down as a very important event of the decade.

  57. Go for : like, have an urge for
    I could go for an ice cream.

  58. Go in for : participate
    He goes in for tennis and swimming.

  59. Go off : explode
    The bomb went off on a deserted street.

  60. Go off : depart
    He went off to the navy after high school.

  61. Go on : happen
    What’s going on here?

  62. Go on : continue
    Life goes on.

  63. Go on : keep on doing
    He went on reading even after the sun went down.

  64. Go out : become extinguished
    The fire went out.

  65. Go out : go outdoors
    Mommy, can we go out?

  66. Go out : partake in social life
    Since her husband died, she never goes out anymore.

  67. Go over : review
    Can we go over these figures one more time?

  68. Go over : gain acceptance
    The presentation went over very well.

  69. Go through : examine carefully
    We have to go through the clothes and papers.

  70. Go through : experience
    I hope 1 never have to go through that again.

  71. Go through : perform
    He went through his lines like a professional actor.

  72. Go under : fail
    The business went under after only six months of mismanagement.

  73. Go under : lose consciousness to anesthesia
    The patient wanted to see her before he went under.

  74. Go with : date regularly
    Sally has been going with John since eighth grade.

  75. Grind out : produce by hard work
    He keeps grinding out those articles for the newspaper.

  76. Grow into : develop
    He is growing into a handsome young man.

  77. Grow on : become acceptable
    That music grows on you.

  78. Grow out of : become too mature for something
    He grew out of those children s books.

  79. Grow out of : come into existence
    This project grew out of preliminary discussions last year.

  80. Grow up : become an adult
    When will you grow up?

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