Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

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Phrasal Verbs : L

  1. Lay aside : give up
    Lay aside your arms and come out.

  2. Lay away : reserve for the future
    Be sure to lay away some extra funds for a vacation.

  3. Lay in : store for the future
    It's time to lay in some seed for the spring.

  4. Lay into : reprimand
    The boss is really laying into the new employee.

  5. Lay off : terminate one’s employment
    Ten thousand people are scheduled to be laid off tomorrow.

  6. Lay on : prepare
    They laid on a reception for fifty people.

  7. Lay out : present
    Can you lay out your intentions for us?

  8. Lay out : clothe a corpse
    She was laid out in her finest dress.

  9. Lay over : make a stopover
    We will have to lay over in Moscow enroute to Siberia.

  10. Lead off : start
    Johnny will lead off the discussion.

  11. Lead on : entice, encourage, deceive
    The young man led her on for almost two years.

  12. Lean on : apply pressure
    I want you to lean on him until his performance improves.

  13. Leave alone : refrain from disturbing
    Please leave me alone. I’m busy.

  14. Leave go : relax one’s grasp
    She left go of the girl’s hand.

  15. Leave off : cease doing something
    She left off m the middle of the sentence

  16. Leave out : omit
    She left out two answers.

  17. Lend itself to : be suitable for
    That story lends itself well to a screen adaptation.

  18. Let down : disappoint
    In the end his friends let him down.

  19. Let on : admit knowing
    We finally had to let on to the fact that we had known all along.

  20. Let out : end
    School let out at 2:00 PM.

  21. Let up : diminish
    The rain did not let up for two hours.

  22. Lie down : do little
    He keeps lying down on the job.

  23. Lie with : depend upon
    The final word lies with you.

  24. Light into : attack
    Did you see how she lit into him?

  25. Light out : depart hastily
    He certainly lit out after work.

  26. Light up : become animated
    Whenever he started talking, her face lit up.

  27. Light up : start smoking
    They both lit up after the play.

  28. Listen in : eavesdrop
    The teacher tried to listen into the conversation at the next table.

  29. Listen in : tune in to a radio broadcast
    They listened in to the show every Sunday morning.

  30. Live down : overcome the shame
    Can he ever live down that disgraceful performance?

  31. Live it up : enjoy life in an extravagant fashion
    After we won the lottery, we lived it up for a year.

  32. Live out : go through a period of time
    They lived out their days in peace.

  33. Live with : resign oneself to
    He learned to live with his limitations.

  34. Live up to : achieve
    How can you live up to your parents' expectations?

  35. Look after : take care of
    She will look after you while I'm gone.

  36. Look down on : despise
    They always looked down on the new students.

  37. Look for : expect
    What can we look for in the New Year?

  38. Look for : search
    Look for tea in the coffee aisle of the supermarket.

  39. Look forward to : await with great anticipation
    I am looking forward to our meeting.

  40. Look like : appear as
    It looks like rain.

  41. Look on : regard
    They looked upon him with skepticism.

  42. Look upon : regard
    They looked upon him with skepticism.

  43. Look out : be careful
    Look out. It's a dangerous crossing.

  44. Look to : expect from
    We looked to you for guidance.

  45. Look up : search and find
    What words do you have to look up in a dictionary?

  46. Look up to : admire
    She really looks up to her daddy.

  47. Lose out : fail to achieve
    Those who came late lost out on a golden opportunity.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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