Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

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Phrasal Verbs : P

  1. Pass away : die
    He passed away last year.

  2. Pass off : offer an imitation as the original
    He tried to pass it off as a Picasso painting.

  3. Pass out : lose consciousness
    After drinking ten bottles of beer he passed out.

  4. Pass over : omit
    They passed over the difficult items on the agenda

  5. Pass over : skip
    He was passed over for promotion.

  6. Pass up : miss an opportunity
    He passed up a chance to sing with the Beatles.

  7. Pay off : pay the full amount
    He paid off the mortgage last year.

  8. Pay off : return a profit
    Their investment in real estate paid off handsomely

  9. Pay out : spend
    He paid out twenty dollars for the gift.

  10. Pay up : give the requested amount
    He paid up his bar tab on Friday evening.

  11. Pick apart : refute by careful analysis
    He picked apart the prosecution’s argument in front of the jury.

  12. Pick at : pluck with fingers
    He picked at the sitar’s strings before playing.

  13. Pick on : tease
    You should not pick on your baby sister.

  14. Pick out : select
    Pick out a nice tie for me.

  15. Pick out : distinguish in a large group
    He could always pick her out in a crowd.

  16. Pick up : retrieve by hand
    He picked up a newspaper on the way to work.

  17. Pick up : organize, clean
    Let us pick up this room right now.

  18. Play at : take half-heartedly
    He only played at being the boss.

  19. Play back : replay
    We played back the tape.

  20. Play down : minimize
    We want to play down the weakest aspects of our proposal

  21. Play on : take advantage of
    He often played on her fears.

  22. Play out : exhaust
    This type of approach played itself out long ago.

  23. Play up : emphasize
    They played up her good looks.

  24. Pull away : withdraw
    They pulled away from the attack.

  25. Pull away : move ahead
    He pulled away in the public opinion polls.

  26. Pull back : withdraw
    Let’s pull back and regroup.

  27. Pull in : arrive at destination
    The train pulled in at 10:00 PM.

  28. Pull out : depart
    The train pulled out on time.

  29. Pull over : bring a vehicle to a stop
    The policeman asked him to pull over.

  30. Pull through : endure and emerge successfully
    He finally pulled through after much extra work.

  31. Pull up : bring to a halt
    The riders pulled up at the gate.

  32. Put across : make comprehensible
    He was able to put across his main points.

  33. Put away : renounce
    They put away their thoughts of revolution.

  34. Put down : write down
    He put down his thoughts on paper.

  35. Put down : to end
    We must put down the revolt.

  36. Put down : criticize
    Someone was always putting her down.

  37. Put forth : exert
    He put forth his best effort in the race.

  38. Put forward : propose
    He put forward his ideas in his presentation.

  39. Put in : apply
    He put in for the new position at his office.

  40. Put in : spend time
    He put in ten extra hours last week.

  41. Put off : postpone
    They put off the meeting until after the harvest.

  42. Put on : clothe oneself
    Put on a hat.

  43. Put out : extinguish
    He put out the fire.

  44. Put out : publish
    She put out a small literary journal.

  45. Put over on : get across deceptively
    He tried to put over his schemes on the people.

  46. Put through : bring to a successful end
    He put the bill through in the Senate.

  47. Put together : construct
    She put together the model airplane with her dad.

  48. Put upon : imposed
    He was often put upon by friends.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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