Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order :

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Phrasal Verbs : R

  1. Read out : read aloud
    The teacher read out the names at the beginning of class.

  2. Read up : learn or study by reading
    I’ll have to read up on my history for the exam.

  3. Read out of : be expelled from
    He was read out of the party organization.

  4. Ride out : survive
    They rode out the latest dip in the stock market.

  5. Ring up : record a sale
    I can ring those items up at this register.

  6. Ring up : extend out a series
    They rang up ten victories without a loss.

  7. Rip into : criticize
    She certainly ripped into him for that performance.

  8. Rip off : steal from, defraud
    Several customers felt they had been ripped off at the sale.

  9. Rise above : be superior to
    You must rise above these petty squabbles.

  10. Run across : find by chance
    They simply ran across each other at the shopping mall.

  11. Run after : seek attention
    Stop running after her and maybe she'll pay you more attention.

  12. Run against : encounter
    He kept running against new obstacles.

  13. Run against : oppose
    He ran against the incumbent senator.

  14. Run along : leave
    Run along now, children.

  15. Run away : flee
    The prisoners tried to run away.

  16. Run down : stop because of lack of power
    The tractor simply ran down.

  17. Run down : tire
    He was very run down after the basketball season.

  18. Run down : collide with
    They ran down that poor little dog.

  19. Run down : chase and capture
    They ran him down in Philadelphia.

  20. Run down : review
    Let’s run down the list of our options.

  21. Run in : take into legal custody
    He was run in by the two officers.

  22. Run into : meet by chance
    I ran into my wife at the post office.

  23. Run into : amount to
    This could run into millions of dollars.

  24. Run off : print, duplicate
    He ran off a hundred copies.

  25. Run off : escape
    He ran off with all their money.

  26. Run off : flow or drain away
    The water ran off the roof.

  27. Run off : decide a contest
    They are running off the tie vote today.

  28. Run on : continue to talk
    How he runs on when he gets to the podium.

  29. Run out : deplete
    I never want to run out of money.

  30. Run over : knock down
    Who ran over the dog?

  31. Run over : review quickly
    I ran over my notes before the speech.

  32. Run over : overflow
    My cup runneth over.

  33. Run over : exceed the limit
    I don’t want any of you to run over budget this month.

  34. Run through : pierce
    He ran the knife through the butter.

  35. Run through : use up quickly
    We have run through all our copy paper.

  36. Run through : rehearse
    Let’s run through the play one more time.

  37. Run through : go over main points
    Let's run through the first two points.

  38. Run up : make larger
    He ran up a huge bar bill.

  39. Run with : adopt an idea
    Let’s run with this idea for the time being.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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