Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order :

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Phrasal Verbs : T

  1. Take after : follow the example of, resemble
    She takes after her father.

  2. Take apart : separate
    He took the motor apart in an afternoon.

  3. Take back : retract
    I take back my original comments.

  4. Take down : lower
    He was taken down a notch or two by the negative fitness report.

  5. Take down : record in writing
    He took down the minutes of the meeting.

  6. Tike in : grant admittance
    She was taken in as a member of the law firm.

  7. Take in : reduce
    She took in his new slacks at the waist.

  8. Take in : include
    This article takes in all of the existing information.

  9. Take in : deceive
    He was taken in by her flashy business card.

  10. Take in : observe thoroughly
    He took in the entire scene with a single glance.

  11. Take off : remove
    Take off your hat indoors.

  12. Take off : depart by aircraft
    Our flight to Madrid took off on schedule.

  13. Take off : deduct
    He took off ten percent from the marked price.

  14. Take on : hire
    We took him on temporarily for the job.

  15. Take on : accept
    We took on the new responsibilities cheerfully.

  16. Take on : oppose
    He took on the taller man in a fistfight.

  17. Take out : secure a license
    I took out a hunting license.

  18. Take out : escort
    I took out our guests for a look at the city.

  19. Take out : vent
    He took out his anger on the punching bag.

  20. Take out : kill
    He took out the enemy sniper with his first shot.

  21. Take over : assume control
    I am taking over here as of today.

  22. Take to : develop habit or ability
    He took to swimming at an early age.

  23. Take to : escape
    The escapees took to the hills.

  24. Take up : assume
    He took up the burden of his family's debts.

  25. Take up : reduce
    She took up the dress a full inch.

  26. Take up : use time
    It took up nil morning.

  27. Talk around : persuade
    He tried to talk me around to his point of view.

  28. Talk around : avoid
    He tried talking his way around the parking ticket.

  29. Talk at : address
    He talked at the rotary club.

  30. Talk back : reply rudely
    Don’t talk back to your parents.

  31. Talk down : deprecate
    He loves to talk down to his secretary.

  32. Talk down : silence
    By the end of the meeting he had successfully talked down all the dissenting voices.

  33. Talk out : resolve
    Can we not talk this out in a friendly fashion?

  34. Talk over : consider
    We talked it over before deciding.

  35. Talk over : persuade
    They talked her over by the end of the day.

  36. Talk up : promote, exaggerate
    Let's talk up our accomplishments.

  37. Tear at : attack like an animal
    They tore at the package like wild animals.

  38. Tear at : distress oneself
    Stop tearing at yourself.

  39. Tear down : vilify
    They love to tear other people down.

  40. Tear down : demolish
    They love to tear down the walls that separate the the people in our community.

  41. Tear into : attack vigorously
    They tore into their opponents.

  42. Tear up : destroy
    We tore up the lease.

  43. Tell off : reprimand
    They certainly told him off.

  44. Throw away : get rid of
    We throw the boxes away.

  45. Throw away : waste
    She threw away her life’s savings in Las Vegas.

  46. Throw away : fail to take advantage
    They threw away their chance.

  47. Throw back : hinder the progress
    They were completely thrown back by his critical comments.

  48. Throw back : revert
    They were thrown back to the beginning by the new discovery.

  49. Throw in : insert
    Throw in your opinions whenever ready.

  50. Throw off : rid oneself
    They threw the dogs off their scent by crossing a stream.

  51. Throw off : emit
    The new1 plant throws off afoul odor.

  52. Throw off : divert
    They were thrown off course by a faulty computer.

  53. Take for : regard
    What do you take me for?

  54. Throw open : make accessible
    We must throw open our doors to every deserving student.

  55. Throw out : emit
    It throws out a powerful signal to other countries.

  56. Throw out : reject
    The new design was thrown out by the board of directors.

  57. Throw out : force to leave
    Throw the bum out.

  58. Throw over : overturn
    They threw over the leftist government in the sixties.

  59. Throw over : reject
    The new tax laws were thrown over by the voters in a special vote.

  60. Throw up : vomit
    I was so sick I threw up twice.

  61. Throw up : abandon
    She threw up her attempts to gain the money.

  62. Throw up : refer to something repeatedly
    He kept throwing up her name.

  63. Throw up : construct hastily
    Those buildings were thrown up in a matter of months.

  64. Throw up : project
    Please throw that image up on the screen.

  65. Tie in : connect
    Can we tie in these findings with our previous data?

  66. Tie into : attack
    He tied into her.

  67. Tie up : block
    They tied up traffic for hours.

  68. Tie up : occupy
    I was tied up in the office all last week.

  69. Try on : check out clothes for size
    Try on the shoes before you buy them.

  70. Try out : undergo a competitive qualifying exam
    He must try out for the soccer team.

  71. Try out : test or examine
    Can I try out these new glasses before I purchase a pair?

  72. Turn away : dismiss
    They were turned away at the hotel because it was full.

  73. Turn away : reject
    They were turned away at the last moment by a by a violent counterattack.

  74. Turn back : reverse direction
    Can you turn back time?

  75. Turn back : halt advance
    The invaders were turned back by the courageous citizens of the village.

  76. Turn down : reject
    She was turned down by the police department.

  77. Turn down : fold down
    The bed was turned down the chamber maid before they returned last evening.

  78. Turn in : give over
    Turn in your papers at the end of class.

  79. Turn in : inform on
    They turned in their own brother to the authorities.

  80. Turn off : stop operation
    Turn off the electricity.

  81. Turn off : offend
    He was turned off by their use of profanity.

  82. Turn off : cease paying attention
    He turned them off and played all by himself.

  83. Turn on : begin operation
    Turn on the television.

  84. Turn on : alter the mind with drugs
    In the sixties people were eager to turn on.

  85. Turn on : interest
    That course turned him on.

  86. Turn out : produce
    They turn out dozens of autos an hour.

  87. Turn out : gather
    Hundreds turned out for his speech.

  88. Turn out : develop
    The cake turned out wonderfully.

  89. Turn over : shift position
    Turn over on your side if you snore.

  90. Turn over : reflect upon
    He turned the request over and over in his mind a long time.

  91. Turn over : transfer to another
    The papers were turned over to the judge.

  92. Turn over : sell
    How many of these cars can we turn over by the end of the month.

  93. Turn to : seek assistance
    Whom can I turn to?

  94. Turn to : begin
    He turned his attention to the new project.

  95. Turn up : increase volume
    Turn up the radio. I want to hear the weather report.

  96. Turn up : find
    Where did you turn up the missing wallet?

  97. Turn up : appear or be found
    The ring was turned up among her dirty socks.

  98. Turn up : just happen
    In every translation, some new difficulty turns up.

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