Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :

Many English verbs occur with one or more prepositions or adverbs where the meaning is not really apparent from the different elements. Here is a list of many of these combinations for the verbs. We have omitted most of the forms considered slang.

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Phrasal Verbs : W

  1. Wait on : attend to
    She waited on him day and night.

  2. Wait out : endure
    We will have to wait out the storm in a hotel.

  3. Wait up : postpone sleep
    Daddy still waits up for his daughters even though they are grown up.

  4. Wait upon : attend to
    She waited upon him day and night.

  5. Walk out : go on strike
    The workers walked out at midnight without a contract.

  6. Walk out : leave suddenly
    He just got up and walked out.

  7. Walk over : gain easy victory
    They walked all over their opponents.

  8. Walk over : treat poorly
    They walk all over the staff.

  9. Walk through : perform
    They walked through their lines for the last time.

  10. Watch out : be careful
    Watch out, it’s very slippery.

  11. Watch over : be in charge of
    I was told to watch over him until the doctor came.

  12. Watch it : be careful
    I’m telling you, you’d better watch it, or they'll be trouble.

  13. Wear down : exhaust by continuous pressure
    They finally wore him down by constant interrogation.

  14. Wear off : diminish gradually
    The paint has worn off the siding.

  15. Wear out : become unusable
    These jeans will never wear out.

  16. Win out : prevail
    He finally won out over his competitors.

  17. Win over : persuade
    He won them over with his charm.

  18. Wind down : relax
    After work they wound down for an hour in the hot tub.

  19. Wind up : end
    They wound up the party at midnight.

  20. Work in : insert
    They worked in an hour of relaxation.

  21. Work off : rid by effort
    She worked off ten pounds at the gym.

  22. Work out : accomplish
    That worked out well.

  23. Work out : develop
    They worked out a satisfactory arrangement for them both.

  24. Work out : engage in strenuous activity
    She works out every afternoon for two hours.

  25. Work over : repeat, revise
    They are working over their papers for submission on Monday.

  26. Work up : get excited
    She got all worked up over her grade.

  27. Work up : increase ability or capacity
    She worked her way up to ten pages an hour.

  28. Wrap up : complete
    Let's wrap up the meeting and go home.

  29. Wrap up : summarize
    Can you wrap up the presentation with your main points.

  30. Wrap up : intensely involved
    She’s all wrapped up in her schoolwork.

  31. Write down : record
    She wrote down the assignment.

  32. Write in : insert
    She wrote in a new opening scene for the main actress.

  33. Write in : submit name of candidate not on the ballot
    They wrote her in for the post of treasurer.

  34. Write in : write to organization
    They wrote in to the maker of the toy with their complaint.

  35. Write off : dismiss
    They wrote her off even before the tryouts.

  36. Write out : write in full
    She had to write out the complete sentence.

  37. Write up : report
    She wrote up the minutes of the meeting.

Phrasal Verbs in Alphabetical Order

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