Phrasal Verbs beginning with CLEAR

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with CLEAR :

clear off : go away

1. When the boys saw the policeman, they cleared off.

clear off : send away (or) remove

1. Some children are playing in the garden. Clear them off.
2. Please clear your papers off so that I can serve dinner.

clear out : go away (or) send away

1. “Clear out,” shouted the farmer to the boys in his field.
2. The farmer sent men into the field to clear out the boys.

clear out : get rid of something unwanted or empty (a drawer, a cupboard, wardrobe or a room to make it tidy)

1. Clear out all the rubbish from the drawer.
2. Clear out the drawer.

clear up : improve (or) become fine

1. If the weather clears up, we’ll go for a picnic.

clear up : (of a mystery or problem) solve
clear up : remove doubt about

1. Has the mystery of her death been cleared up?

clear up : make (a place) tidy

1. The room has been cleared up.

clear up : remove rubbish so as to leave a place tidy.

1. Clear up this mess!

Phrasal Verbs beginning with CLEAR

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