Phrasal Verbs beginning with GIVE

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with GIVE :

give away : give as a present (or) give money, goods or possessions to others

1. He gives away all his money to the poor.

give away : make know a secret

1. You can not enjoy the novel if I give away the ending of the story.

give in : hand or bring (something) (to someone, often in authority)

1. Please give in your examination papers now.
2. Yom have to give your exercise book in to the teacher at the end of the lesson.

give in : yield or stop fighting and admit one's defeat

1. They fought bravely. But finally they had to give in.

give out : make (something) known or announce

1. The date of the election will be given out soon.
2. The announcer has given out that the Konark Express will start form platform 5.

give out : come to an end or be used up

1. Our supply of sugar has given out.
2. My patience gave out.

give up : stop doing or having (something)

1. You must give up smoking.
2. The doctor advised her to give up sweets.
3. I have given up the idea.

give up : stop trying to do (something)

1. I can do nothing more. I give up.

give up : offer (someone or oneself) as a prisoner

1. The criminal give himself up to the police.
2. We give him up to the police.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with GIVE

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