Phrasal Verbs beginning with GO

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with GO :

go about : begin to work at a job or problem

I wanted to knit a sweater. But I didn’t know how to go about it.

go about : (of news or disease) spread, be passed from one person to another

go around : (of news or disease) spread, be passed from one person to another

There is a rumour going about the city that the mayor will resign.

go in for : take part in a competition

Mahesh is going in of the 500 metres race.

go in for : take an interest in (or) take up as an occupation or hobby

When she left college she went in for nursing.
How long have you gone in for collecting stamps?

go off : take place or succeed

There is a crowd over there. I wonder what is going off.
The meeting went off well.

go off : explode

The boy was injured when a firework went off in his face.

go on : continue (doing something with something)

Go on reading. I won’t disturb you.
Go on with your work.
I asked him to stop talking, but he went on.

go off : happen

What is going on next door? There is a lot of noise.

go through : examine something

I must go through the accounts and see where the mistake is.

go through : suffer something

He has gone through such a lot since his wife died.

go through with : finish doing

I’m determined to go through with this in spite of what you say.

go up : rise (or) increase in size or value

The price of petrol has gone up.
The temperature is going up.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with GO

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