Phrasal Verbs beginning with MAKE

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with MAKE :

make out : understand

His handwriting is so bad that I can hardly make it out.
Can you make out what he is saying?

make out : write in complete form (a cheque or bill or receipt)

Would you make out the bill, please?

make up : invent (a story or excuse)

Let us not believe him. He made that story up.
She is quick at making up excuses.

make up : put together

I’ll make up a parcel and send it to you.

make up : use cosmetics (face-cream or powder)

She takes a lot of time to make up her face.

make up for : repay with something good; compensate

This payment will make up for the loss of his job.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with MAKE

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