Phrasal Verbs beginning with PUT

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with PUT :

put down : control or suppress

The army was called out to put down the disturbance.

put down : put someone down for something
put down : write a person's name for a particular purpose

Can I put you down for the trip to Kashmir?
May I include your name in the list of those who are going?
Put me down for one hundred metres’ race.

put in : do a certain amount of work

He put in an hour’s piano practice today.

put off : move to a later date or postpone

We have to put off the picnic till next week.

put on : dress oneself in

What suit are you going to put on?

put on : switch on a light or gas or radio

Put on the radio.
Put the radio on.

put on : add or increase

The car put on speed.
I have put on weight.

put through : connect by telephone

Would you put me through to this number?

put up : raise

They put up a tent.

put somebody up : provide food and lodging for

Could you put me up for the night?

put up with : suffer without complaining or bear patiently

I can’t put up with this noise. Leave the room, boys!

Phrasal Verbs beginning with PUT

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