Phrasal Verbs beginning with TAKE

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Phrasal Verbs beginning with TAKE :

take after : resemble or look or behave like an older relative or a parent

Peter takes after his father. He is always cheerful.

take down : make a note or record of

The policeman took down the cyclist's name and address.

take someone for : suppose someone to be

Do you take me for a fool?

take in : understand

I didn’t take in what she was saying.

take in : deceive

He took us in by his stories

take off : (of an aeroplane) leave the ground

The plane took off at half part ten.

take on : agree to do work or undertake

You should never take on more than you can do.

take on : employ

They are taking on two hundred more men at the factory.

take over : gain control over or responsibility for

The son took over the business on the retirement of his father.
The new headmaster will take over on August 1st.

take to : begin to do something regularly (followed by a noun or gerund)

He took to drink.
He took to betting on horses.

take to : feel an immediate liking for

I soon took to her children.

take up : use or occupy time or space

I don't want to take up much of your time.
This table takes up too much room.

take up : begin doing something as a hobby, sport or kind of study

He took up painting when he left school.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with TAKE

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