Phrasal Verbs in Sentences

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Phrasal Verbs in Sentences :

1. We called off the trip because of bad weather.

2. Do you think we can carry on without him?

3. He is drawing up the house that he has recently bought.

4. Mr. Ashok Kumar got through the award for Best Actor.

5. Let's do up a list of things we need.

6. Has he got along his first year exam?

7. We may be cut off if we don’t pay the electricity bill today.

8. I now call on Mr. Navin Joshi to address the meeting.

9. He carried off working after everyone else had gone home.

10. The meeting broke up in confusion.

11. Our college breaks off on 16th April.

12. I’m sure that the new film will catch on.

13. If you don’t carry away my orders, you will be sacked.

14. His new novel will come out next month.

15. She fainted in the heat but she soon came about.

16. I dropped off and missed the end of the film.

17. She brought up five children.

18. This situation calls for immediate action.

19. The car broke down and we had to walk.

20. The thieves broke into our house while we were on holiday.

21. The subject came up at the meeting.

22. Measles broke down in the village.

23. I couldn’t get on very well with my new boss.

24. I couldn’t get through to Telephone Enquiries.

25. The price of cement has fallen down recently.

26. I can’t carry on by myself any longer, I need somebody’s help.

27. I came across a photo of my grandfather yesterday when I was cleaning the attic.

28. 1 must draw on my savings to buy a motorbike.

29. It took him nearly two years to get over his father’s death.

30. He intended to cheat us but the plan didn’t come off.

Phrasal Verbs in Sentences

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