Phrases :

As to = He said nothing as to what his intentions were.

At enmity with = The Jews were at enmity with the Samaritan.

At home in = He is quite at home in Geometry.

At the top of = He shouted at the top of his voice.

At variance with = Your words are at variance with the facts.

Because of = He could not leave the house because of a snowstorm.

By dint of = He gained the first prize by dint of steady application.

By force of = He did the same things every day by force of habit.

By means of = He escaped from the house by means of a ladder.

By the side of = The dog was sleeping by the side of its master.

In virtue of = on the strength of (or) on the ground of

He claims it in virtue of his long service.

By virtue of = on the strength of (or) on the ground of

He is entitled to it by virtue of his prerogative.

By way of = I mention this point by way of cautioning you.

For fear of = He took an umbrella for fear of being caught in the rain.

For the purpose of = He bought the land for the purpose of building on it.

For the sake of = For the sake of settling the matter they agreed to a compromise.

For want of = The crops failed for want of seasonable rain.

In accordance with = Your actions are not in accordance with common sense.

In or on behalf of = This request is made to you on behalf of my son.

In case of = I have kept a reserve fund in case of accidents.

In common with = You deserve to be blamed in common with the rest.

In connection with = Tell me all you know in connection with that matter.

In consequence of = In consequence of that shipwreck many families are in mourning.

In consideration of = In consideration of his hard work, he may be allowed another chance.

In the course of = He happened, in the course of conversation, to say that...

In defence of = He said all he could in defence o/his client.

In defiance of = He instigated a riot in defiance of the law.

In favour of = He spoke very eloquently in favour of the proposal.

In front of = The house stood in front of the bridge.

In honour of = The day was observed as a public holiday in honour of the victory.

In keeping with = His attitude was scarcely in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion.

In lieu of = He was paid a month's wages in lieu of notice.

In opposition to = What you have done was in opposition to my wishes.

In order to = Nothing should be left untried in order to accomplish this.

In point of = He is senior to me in point of age, but not of service.

In proportion to = Each person will pay a tax in proportion to his income.

In pursuance of = He was ready to do anything in pursuance of that object.

In quest of = They went out to Australia in quest of or in search of gold.

In regard to = What have you to say in regard to that subject?

In respect of = In respect of age he is my senior.

In spite of = In spite of all the advice that I gave him, he took to smoking.

Instead of = You had much better do some work instead of idling away your time.

In view of = We must make up our minds at once in view of the urgency of the case.

In sight of = We had now come in sight of land.

In the event of = I shall have another chance in the event of failure.

In case of = I shall have another chance in case of failure.

In the face of v = He was always brave in the face of danger.

In the guise of = He traveled to Bokhara in the guise of a dervish.

In the hope of = He tried again in the hope of succeeding.

In the rear of = The baggage followed in the rear of the troops on the march.

In the teeth of = The ship could scarcely hold her course in the teeth of the wind.

In unison = Management and workers must act in unison.

On account of = The trains were delayed on account of the fog.

On purpose = It was not an accident. It was done on purpose.

On the brink of = The country is on the brink of a serious disaster.

On the eve of = He died on the eve of victory.

On the ground of = He declined the invitation on the ground of a previous engagement.

On the part of = Incompetence on the part of a judge cannot but lead to miscarriage of justice.

On the point of = He was on the point of letting out the secret when he checked himself.

On the score of = He begs to be excused on the score of inexperience.

Under the pretence of = Many evil deeds have been done under the pretence of religion.

With a view to = I said all I could with a view to proving his innocence.

With an eye to = He is working hard now with an eye to the future.

With reference to = I have nothing to say with reference to this question.

With regard to = I have nothing to say with regard to this question.

With respect to = I have nothing to say with respect to this question.

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