Phrases :

Bid fair = makes a fair

The new tax bids fair to work well.

Break loose = burst forth

He allowed his passions to break loose.

Break loose = force its way out

The horse broke loose from the stable.

Break open = open it by force

Let us break open the box.

Come true = turn out to be

What you prophesied has come true.

Cut short = bring to an untimely end

His life was cut short by cholera.

Fall flat = produce no effect

His speech fell flat on the audience.

Fall foul = become a victim

He fell foul of the authorities and was punished.

Fall short = less than

The result fell short of our expectations.

Fight shy = kept out of his way

I fought shy of that man.

Get rid of = throw it off

I cannot get rid of this fever.

Hold good = has good

This rule holds good here also.

Hold true = has truth

This saying always holds true.

Lay bare or open = expose

He managed to lay bare their plots.

Lay waste = ravaged

He laid waste the enemy's country.

Let loose = unchains it

He lets the dog loose at nights.

Look blank = seem puzzled, disturb or surprise

He looked blank, when he was informed of his dismissal.

Look sharp = make haste

I hope you will look sharp about this.

Make good = compensate me for the loss

I incurred a heavy loss through you and so now you must make good the loss.

Make good one's boast = carry it out

We also speak of a person making good which means he becomes successful and rich.

Make little = consider it of no importance

He made little of my illness.

Make light = consider it of no importance

He made light of my illness.

Make much = turn to advantage

I could not make much of the information he gave me.
It also means to treat something as more important than it is.

Make too much = over-estimate them

He made too much of my abilities.

Play false = act deceitfully

He played me false.

Put right = put it into working order

The mechanic soon put the motor right.

Set right = put it into working order

The mechanic soon set the motor right.

Put to rights = put it into working order

The mechanic soon put the motor to right.

Ride rough-shod = force his own view upon us whatever annoyance it might give us

He tried to ride rough-shod over all of us.

Run short = became too little for the purpose required

The money ran short.

Set free = set at liberty or released every slave

England set every slave free.

Steer clear = steer the boat clear, keep out of the way of

I hope you will steer clear of bad companions.

Strike dumb = become speechless

We were struck dumb by the news.

Talk big = boasts or exaggerates

He talks big about himself.


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