Phrases :

Beck and call = command

He is always at your beck and call.

By hook or by crook = by some means or other

We must do this by hook or by crook.

Hue and cry = loud clamour or outcry

They raised a hue and cry over the issue.

In vogue = fashion

This dress is much in vogue.

Kith and kin = acquaintance and kinsfolk

He is far from all his kith and kin

Learn by rote = by merely repeating the words and neglecting the sense

Do not learn anything by rote.

Lie in wait = ambush

He lay in wait for the enemy.

Nick of time = just at the right moment

He came in the nick of time.

Odds and ends = stray miscellaneous articles

Pick up the odds and ends.

Of no avail = no effect

Your excuses are of no avail.

To no avail = no effect

I tried every possible method, but to no avail.

Rhyme or reason = without any valid reason

He did that without rhyme or reason.

Stand in good stead = of great service

His recommendation stood me in good stead.

Tit for tat = take revenge

The phrase means BLOW FOR BLOW and TIKE FOR LIKE.

Toil and moil = labour like a drudge

He was always toiling and moiling.

Watch and ward = guard

The watch and ward people maintained a careful vigil through the night.


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