Phrases :

Bag and baggage = all belongings

They were thrown out bag and baggage from the hostel.

By fits and starts = the basics

He did everything by fits and starts and stuck to nothing long.

By leaps and bounds = very rapidly

He has improved by leaps and bounds since he began the course.

Fair and square = just

He was fair and square in all his dealings.

Fire and fury = passion

His language was full of fire and fury.

First and foremost = before anything else

We must inquire about this first and foremost.

Heart and soul = put his heart and soul

He went heart and soul into the business.

Hole-and-corner = underhand

He adopted hole-and-corner methods.

To all intents and purposes = in all important respects

He nominally resigned, but to all intents and purposes, he was dismissed.

Jot or tittle = iota

He would not lower his price one jot or tittle.

The loaves and fishes = emoluments

He was eager for the loaves and fishes of office.

Null and void = invalid

This ruling has now become null and void.

Open and above-board = honest and straightforward

Let everything be open and above-board.

Over and above = in addition to

He did a great deal for us over and above his financial assistance.

Over head and ears = completely

He was over head and ears in debt.

Safe and sound = safe

He arrived home safe and sound.

Stuff and nonsense = rubbish

What you are saying is all stuff and nonsense.

Sum and substance = pith

This is the sum and substance of the whole question.

To be up and doing = begin to act

We must be up and doing.

Ways and means = the methodology

The meeting will have to discuss ways and means of raising the money.

Well and good v = fine

If that is what you mean to do, well and good.

With might and main = as hard as

He worked with might and main.


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