Phrases and Clauses

Phrases and Clauses :

1. Make sentences using a phrase and a clause.

a. The tiger
b. My mother
c. The cake
d. The frog
e. Yesterday, we
f. The clowns in the circus
g. My little puppy
h. An apple
i. When it rains
j. My school

2. In each of the sentences given below, some words have been underlined. State whether the group of words is a phrase or a clause.

1. When I saw the house, I knew I was going to buy it.
2. It was an uninhabited place and I was the only one there.
3. Force of habit made me go to my old house.
4. With this decision a load is off my mind.
5. One could never be sure where to find him.
6. Although he was only twenty, he had a bald head.
7. We would never have studied but for that teacher.
8. Megha was a small town girl.
9. With exams approaching, we had to begin studies.
10. My uncle, my nearest relative in Delhi received me at the station.

Phrases and Clauses

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