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Phrases Prepositions :

Prepositional Phrases (OR) Phrases Prepositions are groups of words. A prepositional phrase is a group of words that has the force of a single preposition. These Prepositions are formed by grouping few words used with the force of simple Prepositions. Few Examples of these Prepositions are given below.

ACCORDING TO : as stated or shown by

1. According to the rule, they have to come before 10 pm.

2. They failed to obey the order according to your words.

3. He has not paid the fees according to the college-law.

4. She has violated the law according to the Constitution.

IN ACCORDANCE WITH : in agreement with

1. The applications which are not in accordance with the rules will be rejected.

2. The agreement not in accordance with our last agreement will have to be studied further.

3. He did this only in accordance with our request.


1. In case of your failure in this exam, we can go to Delhi.

2. You do not have any other objection in case of rejection of your application.

3. For your brilliance, we have many gated open, in case of you scoring low marks in the CAT exam.

IN CONTROL OF : under the observation of

1. What you have created should be in control of your words.

2. From the beginning, they have been in control of their own words.

3. He is not in control of my wishes.

IN LIEU OF : in place of

1. You can not use your brother in lieu of your cousin.

2. Your sister should not write this exam in lieu of you.

3. You can receive cash in lieu of vacation period.

IN PLACE OF : if that is removed

1. The team manager has allowed me to play in place of Raja.

2. You are not supposed to write this exam in place of your brother.

3. You can eat fruits in place of nuts.

IN SPITE OF : whatever the conditions are

1. He has come all the way from Chennai in spite of heavy rain.

2. They have gone to cinema in spite of your warning.

3. You have to pay the fees in spite of your absence from the hostel.

INSTEAD OF : in place of

1. They have paid the fees in cash instead of draft.

2. You are not allowed to travel by car instead of by train.

3. Instead of waiting for a bus, why should not you take a taxi?

4. You can save a lot of water by taking bath in bucket instead of using shower.

WITH REGARD TO = WITH REGARDS TO : as per the stated conditions

1. She made frequent enquiries with regard to your sister.

2. The department is rewriting its policy with regard to immigration.

3. We have come with regard to your appointment.

WITH REGARDS TO = WITH REGARD TO : as per the stated conditions

1. She made frequent enquiries with regards to your sister.

2. The department is rewriting its policy with regards to immigration.

3. We have come with regards to your appointment.

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