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Study carefully the use of the following.

Above all = before every other consideration

Above all, beware of idleness.

Above board = without any secret or underhand scheming

Everything that he did was open and above board.

After all = in spite of all that has happened or been said

After all, what does it matter if we do not win?
We tried for an hour and failed after all (in spite of our exertions).
So it did rain after all! (contrary to our expectations).

Again and again = that is very often and not merely once

I shall have to mention this again and again.

Before long = in a short time

He will return to us before long.

By and by = after an interval

You will feel better by and by (after a time).
By and by (some time afterwards) the teacher came into the room.

Far and near = in all directions

He sought for his missing friends far and near.

Far and wide = in all directions

He sought for his missing friends far and wide.

First and foremost = before anything else

First and foremost, let me caution you against listening to flatterers.

In time = by the proper time

He was not there in time.
We shall get to know the truth in time.

In the long run = sooner or later = eventually

A criminal will be caught in the long run.

Now and then = occasionally at odd moments

I hear from him now and then.

Every now and then = occasionally at odd moments

I hear from him every now and then.

Off and on = irregularly

He has been learning English off and on for some time past.

On the contrary = in opposition to what is said

I do not admire that man. On the contrary, I have a great contempt for him.

To the contrary = against

I have nothing to say to the contrary.

Once again = once more

These phrases mean the same thing and denote that something is repeated another time.
I have told you this several times already and I will tell you once again.

Once for all = This means that a thing is done once and will never be repeated.

I tell you once for all that this noise must cease.
They settled the matter once for all and the question was not reopened.

Over and above = in addition to

Over and above, what I have lost, I have been unjustly blamed.

Through and through = completely

As the phrase again and again denotes frequency of repetition, so the phrase through and through denotes thoroughness and completeness of accomplishment

He was drenched through and through to the very skin.
He read that book through and through every word of it from beginning to end.

To and fro = backwards and forwards

He walked to and fro, trying to make up his mind what to do.

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