Picture Composition

Picture Composition :

In a picture composition, we are given a picture to look at. We can take ideas from the picture and weave a story around whatever is depicted in it. While we could describe the picture briefly, we should go beyond the picture and write any kind of essay - narrative, descriptive, short story or argumentative using the picture as a prompt.

1. Shalini and Debra were meeting after almost a decade. What could be the relationship between them? What were the circumstances that separated them? How did they find each other? How is their life now?

Write an original short story on these two characters.

2. Assume that there is the picture that you took when you visited a mountain resort.

Write a descriptive composition on all that you saw, heard, smelt, tasted and felt.

3. The train that you were waiting for so restlessly has just arrived at the station. You search anxiously among the crowd for the person whom you have come to meet. But the person does not seem to be there. Dejected, you turn to go back home when suddenly...

Develop on the ideas given above to write a personal narrative composition.

Picture Composition

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