Plural but Singular

Plural but Singular :

1. Where is the fifty rupees I gave you?
2. Ten miles is not a long way to walk.
3. Three pints isn't enough for me.

Note : Fifty rupees. Ten miles, Three pints - These expressions are used in singular sense and so they usually have singular verbs.

Study the following sentences.

1. She wants to be here for another two weeks.
2. I need an extra ten rupees.
3. The man has been waiting for a good thirty minutes.
4. I go to Delhi every three weeks.
5. More than one officer is getting his promotion.

Two weeks, ten-rupees, thirty minutes, three weeks – these expressions are used in singular sense.

More than one officer is definitely plural. But, "more than one" is followed by a singular noun and verb.

1. I bought some sugar yesterday. But I haven't bought any today.
2. Janu bought a pencil yesterday. But she hasn't bought one today.
3. My wife made some cakes yesterday. But she hasn't made any today.

Notice the difference between the uncountable noun (sugar), the singular countable noun (pencil) and the plural countable noun (cakes).

Brother : singular - John is my younger brother.
Brothers : plural - She has five brothers.
Brother : plural-members of a society or a community.

Cloth : singular - I need two meters of cloth.
Cloths : (plural noun) Pieces of cloth.
Clothe : verb

1. Mist clothed the hills.
2. I have to feed and clothe a large family.

Clothes : (plural-noun) - Garments - dresses such as trousers, shirts...

1. She has some fine clothes.

Die : (noun-singular) - a metal block, used for shaping metal, plastic etc. (not in use)

1. The die is cast.
2. The decision or action has been taken and cannot be changed now.

Die - the old singular form die is not used now.

Dies : (noun-plural) - stamps for coining

Dice : (noun-plural) - a small cube used in games of chance

1. One of the dice has rolled under the table.

Fish : (noun-singular) - an animal which lives in water.

Fishes : (noun-plural) - taken separately

Fish : (noun-plural) – collectively

1. I caught three little fishes.
2. We caught several fish.
3. I had Fish for dinner.
4. We had some fish for dinner.
5. We had a piece of fish for dinner.

Genius : (noun-singular) - great rare powers of thought, skill or imagination - a person of very great ability.

1. Einstein was a genius.

Geniuses : (noun-plural) - persons of great talent

Genie : (noun-plural) - evil spirits

Index : (noun-singular) - any table for facilitating reference in a book

Indexes : (noun-plural) - plural of index tables of contents to books

Indices : (noun-plural) - symbols, used in Algebra

Penny : (noun-singular) - a coin

Pennies : (noun-plural) - number of coins

Pence : (noun-plural) - amount in value (plural of penny)

1. Two Pence
2. eleven pence

Plural but Singular

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