Plural Nouns

Plural Nouns :

The following Nouns are generally used in the Plural.

1. Alms - I gave alms to the beggar and for these he thanked me.
2. Eaves - The eaves were hung with icicles.
3. Riches - Riches do not last for ever.
4. Odds - The odds against him were very heavy.

The following Plural forms are generally used in the Singular.

Means - This is now often used as a Singular such as…

1. By this means
2. This was my one means of escape.

But where it has the meaning of wealth, it is always plural such as….

Though my means were small, still I helped her.

News - This is now almost always used as a Singular.

1. Ill news runs apace.
2. This news is not true.

Innings - It is always used as a Singular.

Our eleven beat the other by an innings and ten runs.

The following Nouns, which are Plural in form, are Singular in meaning when they are used as the name of a subject or a science.

1. Mathematics - Mathematics is his favorite subject.
2. Physics - Physics is an interesting branch of science.
3. Politics - Politics is the chief interest of his life.
4. Economics - Economics is an important subject.
5. But we say….The economics (the economic facts) of the situation have yet to be explored and What are his politics (political views)?

Plurals of letters are figures are formed by adding 's such as….

1. Five B.A.'s and three M.A.'s applied for the post.
2. Mind your p's and q's.
3. Add four 2's and five 3's.
4. Correct your p's and q's before you submit your answer-papers.

5. Subtract five 5's and five 9's.

Of the following Nouns, some seldom, others never, take a Singular. These are for the most part names of things which imply plurality or consist of more parts than one.

(a) Instruments or tools - arms (in the sense of weapons), bellows, fetters, pincers, scissors, tongs, shears, snuffers

(b) Articles of dress - breeches, drawers, trappings, trousers, pants

(c) Kinds of disease - measles, mumps, staggers, gripes

(d) Parts of the body - bowels, entrails, intestines

(e) Miscellaneous words such as annals, dregs, nuptials, obsequies, statistics, proceeds, thanks, tidings, downs, wages, auspices, environs, credentials, etc…

There are some Nouns which are either not used at all in the Plural or used in the Plural in some special sense.

1. Abuse - He covered me with abuse without any provocation.
2. Alphabet - He learnt the alphabet before he could read.
3. Folk - The old folk (people) have gone.
4. Furniture - His house is full of good furniture.
5. Information - He gave me all the information he had.
6. Issue - He had no issue (child or children).
7. Offspring - These four children are my offspring.
8. Poetry - He wrote very good poetry (poems).
9. Scenery - This district is full of lovely scenery.


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Plural Nouns :

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