Plurals not ending in S

Plurals not ending in S :

A few words, not ending in S, are plural. They have no singular forms.

Cattle, People, Police, Youth

Cattle : noun – plural - cows and bulls
1. He has ten (heads of) cattle on his farm.
2. The cattle are in the shed.

People : (plural - noun) persons, human beings.

1. Were there many people in the market?
2. Most people seem to like beautiful things.

Police : (noun - plural) an official body of men and women whose job is to maintain law and order.

1. Extra Police are being rushed to Punjab.
2. The Police have caught the robber.

Youth : Singular / Plural

Young men and women considered as a group…

1. The youth of the country is respected by the people.
2. The youth of the country are respected by all people.
3. The youth of today know quite well and what they want.

News - (noun) of and about facts that are reported about a recent event or events information

1. News is just coming in of a serious plane crash.
2. What is the latest news about the election?

Note : News is always used in singular sense.

That is news to me.

News that which is not heard before.

Draughts : (noun) - a game played by two people.

Draughts is an easy game.
Draughts is a game played by two people.
Draughts : (used in singular sense)
Draughts - a game played by two people, each with 12 round pieces, on a board of 64 squares.

Measles : (noun) - an infectious disease in which the sufferer has a fever and small red spots on the face and body

1. Measles takes quite a long time to recover.
2. Measles is used in singular sense

The United States is a civilized nation.

The United States - singular - refers to one nation.

Cross-roads, works, barracks, means, series, headquarters - These words end in S and they show no difference between the singular and plural.

Cross-roads (noun) - a place where two or more roads cross - a point at which an important decision must be taken

1. It was a cross-roads in my life.
2. There is a dangerous cross-roads at the end of this way.
3. There are two cross-roads before you turn left.

Works (noun) - an industrial place of work

- a factory
- a dye works
- the works canteen

Barracks : (noun) a building or group of buildings where soldiers live in

Means : (noun) - a method or a way of doing

The fastest means of travel is by plane.

1. Use whatever means you can to get things done.
2. I gave him a car as a means to an end.

Mathematics, athletics, politics - are sometimes used as plurals, but more often as singulars.

1. Politics is a difficult job.
2. What are your politics?
3. Mathematics is a part of school curriculum.

Plurals not ending in S

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