Position of Adverbs

Position of Adverbs :

One of the major advantages of adverbs is their ability to move around in a sentence. Adverbs of manner are particularly flexible in this regard.

For example :

1. Solemnly the minister addressed her congregation.
2. The minister solemnly addressed her congregation.
3. The minister addressed her congregation solemnly.

The following adverbs of frequency appear at various points in these sentences.

Before the main verb

For example :

I never get up before nine o’clock.

Between the auxiliary or helping verb and the main verb

For example :

I have rarely written to my brother without a good reason.

Before the verb USED TO

For example :

I always used to see him at his summer home.

Sentence with Adverbs :

1. I play tennis on Mondays.
2. Our friends also must write a test.
3. I was only joking.
4. Did you both enjoy the flight?
5. Malti watches television ever hardly.
6. He carefully drives his car.
7. The children play football in the garden.
8. Yesterday we went to the cinema.
9. Jatin almost fell off the bike.
10. Her friend will probably buy her some flowers.
11. My uncle is definitely moving to Scotland soon.

Position of Adverbs

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