Positions for Adjectives

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Positions for Adjectives :

There are two main positions for adjectives. They come before a noun.

This is a useful book.

They come after a verb like be, become, feel or seem.

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Most adjectives can be used in either position.

A few adjectives are normally used only after a verb.

They include….

1. Afraid
2. alive
3. alone
4. asleep
5. glad
6. ill
7. sorry
8. well

1. She is alone.
2. He felt sorry for it.

A few adjectives like eastern, western, northern, southern, digital, indoor and outdoor are normally used only before a noun.

1. eastern area
2. southern parts
3. digital watches
4. indoor games

Order of Adjectives

When two or more adjectives come before a noun, they are usually put in the following order.

Opinion + size + age + shape + colour + origin + material + purpose

1. an interesting old man (opinion + age)
2. brown leather running shoes (colour + material + purpose)
3. a tall young American tourist (size + age + origin)
4. a small green plastic bag (size + colour + material)
5. a beautiful oval wooden dining table (opinion + shape + material + purpose)

Positions for Adjectives

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