Preposition after A Verb

Preposition after A Verb :

Prepositions are very important. If the preposition is changed after a verb, meaning mi i also get changed sometimes.

Appeal to / Appeal for

Appeal (to, for) : to make a strong request for help, support & mercy.

Appeal (to) : to please, to attract or to interest

1. They are appealing for funds to launch an agitation against the government.

2. Does the idea of working abroad appeal to you?

3. The idea of becoming a doctor doesn't appeal to my daughter.

4. This way of preparing the dishes does not appeal to my sense.

Apply to / Apply for

Apply (to, for) : to request something especially, officially and in writing

Apply to : to bring or put into use or operation

1. I am applying for the post of administrative officer.

2. One must apply one's mind to solve intricate problems.

3. It seems that you have not applied your mind to your profession-related matters.

4. Scientific discoveries are often applied to industrial processess.

5. The criminal procedure code doesn't apply to the President, the Prime Minister and other rich people.

6. To become a member, you must apply to the secretary.

7. More than twenty persons, applied for the post of a clerk.

To call after / to call to

1. They called their daughter Meena after one of her aunts.

2. Mrs. Balram called to her husband who was in the garden.

3. I have called my son after my uncle who show me the right way of life.

To hear about / to hear from

1. Have you heard about Mr. Gidian's taking a job in States?

2. Pal has gone to Assam. His wife hopes to hear from him soon.

3. We will soon hear from our father who is in London.

To keep to / To keep from

1. When he is lecturing, Mr. Rao rarely keeps to his subject.

2. The continuous noise kept me from concentrating on my work.

3. Your constant pickering for money keeps me from doing my works.

Other examples for the Preposition after A Verb :

1. Adapt to
2. Add to
3. Agree to
4. Apologize to
5. Argue about
6. Ask about
7. Be about
8. Belong to
9. Boast about
10. Care about
11. Concern about
12. Consent to
13. Decide about
14. Devote to
15. Dream about
16. Forget about
17. Happen to
18. Know about
19. Laugh about
20. Lead to
21. Listen to
22. Object to
23. Protest about
24. React to
25. Refer to
26. Reply to
27. Speak to
28. Talk to
29. Talk to
30. Think about
31. Turn to
32. Worry about

Preposition after A Verb

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