Preposition and Object

Preposition and Object :

In prose (not always in poetry), the Preposition is placed immediately before its Object. But the following exceptions should be noted.

(a) When the Object is WHOM, WHICH or WHAT, the Preposition may be placed last in the sentence and its Object first.

1. That is the man whom we were looking for. (Relative)
2. Which of these chairs did you sit on? (Interrogative)
3. What were you looking at? (Interrogative)

(b) When the Object is the Relative Pronoun THAT, the Preposition is invariably put last.

4. This is the man that we were looking for.

(c) When the Object is a Relative Pronoun understood, the Preposition is invariably put last.

5. This is the man (whom) we were looking for.
6. That is the book we intended to purchase.
7. This is the school we wamted to enroll our daughter.

(d) If there are two Verbs which should be followed by different Prepositions, both Prepositions must be put in.

8. I have been thinking and looking for you all day. (Incorrect)
9. I have been thinking about you and looking for you all day. (Correct)


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Preposition and Object :

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