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The following are the common prepositions in English.

1. about
2. above
3. across
4. after
5. against
6. along
7. among
8. around
9. at
10. before
11. behind
12. below
13. beneath
14. beside
15. besides
16. between
17. beyond
18. by
19. down
20. during
21. except
22. for
23. from
24. in
25. in front of
26. into
27. near
28. next to
29. of
30. off
31. on
32. onto
33. opposite
34. out of
35. over
36. past
37. since
38. through
39. till
40. to
41. towards
42. under
43. underneath
44. until
45. up
46. upon
47. with
48. without

Prepositional usage is extremely difficult to master. In most cases there are no rules. It is largely a matter of convention - a matter of idiom. The best way of learning the use of prepositions is by careful reading and constant practice. It would be worthwhile to refer to a good dictionary to discover the contexts in which individual prepositions are used. This website deals with the kind of points which Indian students particularly need to be helped with.


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