Prepositions and Composite Verbs

Prepositions and Composite Verbs :

1. He failed in what he attempted.
2. There is some sense in what he said.
3. You are requested to attend to what I say.

Preposition……Object (a clause)

1. in……what he attempted
2. in……what he said
3. to……what I say

A preposition can govern a whole clause. In the above sentences, prepositions govern noun clause.

She is the girl I was looking for.
She is the girl whom I was looking for.
WHOM - Relative Pronoun - object of FOR
Here it is understood.

These are rules we have to observe.
These are the rules which we have to observe.
Here in the sentence WHICH is relative pronoun and is understood.

OUTBID - preposition + verb – out + bid = outbid

Outbid : to offer a higher price than someone else at an Auction

1. present participle - outbidding
2. past tense - outbid
3. past participle – outbid

We badly wanted the TV set but I'm afraid we were outbid.

Preposition + Verb = Composite Verb

1. over + come = overcome
2. over + flow = overflow
3. over + look = overlook
4. over + take = overtake
5. under + take = undertake
6. up + hold = uphold
7. with + draw = withdraw
8. with + held = withheld
9. with + hold = withhold
10. with + stand = withstand

It may be noted that prepositions are very commonly used in composition with verbs to form new verbs. Sometimes, they are prefixed. More frequently prepositions follow the verbs and remain separate.

1. He was laughed at by everyone.
2. I have to send for my son.
3. In the exhibition crowd, I looked for my wife every where.
4. I never boast of my achievements that I have done.

Prepositions and Composite Verbs

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